Visual Comparer - file compare and synchronize toolVisual Comparer

To highlight lexical terms in various programming languages Visual Comparer uses such a concept as Parser. Lexical highlight parsers are realized as external plug-in modules. Each module (file) contain a collection of parsers and have .prs extension.

Visual Comparer already has by default the syntax highlighting that located in nikeware.prs file with following programming languages:

Online available additional syntax highlight parsers:

Ada 95 - Ada is a structured, statically typed, imperative, and object-oriented high-level computer programming language. download
VLisp - AutoCAD Auto/Visual LISP programming language. download
WIL - script language for WinBatch (the Batch Language for Windows desktop automation solution). download
TCL version 8.0 - Tools Common Language syntax highlight parser. download

How to install new parsers:

  1. download the new appropriate parser plug-in;
  2. put the new parser to the parsers directory - "Parsers";
  3. reload Visual Comparer;
  4. go to the Parsers property page on the Settings dialog (menu Tools);
  5. find the newly installed parsers and setup other colors for tokens (if necessary);
  6. switch to the Filters property page, associate the new parser with the existing filter or create a new file extensions filter if necessary and associate it with the new parser.