Diff Commander + Visual Comparer (Bundle Edition)

License type Price
Personal (1) 45.00$
2-5 seats (2) 33.00$ (per one seat)
6-9 seats (2) 28.00$ (per one seat)
10-15 seats (2) 26.00$ (per one seat)
Corporate (3) 399.00$
Enterprise (4) 1499.00$
Your license type: 45.00$

Note: Online ordering is the fastest and easiest way to order. Many types of credit cards are accepted. Your credit card information sent directly to the credit card processor. All transactions are secured. After proceeding to registration form you can display product prices in other currencies.

Order offline

You can make the order by fax or phone through the Share-It! customer service.

To the order by fax, please follow one of the links below:

- Diff Commander + Visual Comparer (Personal and multi seats licenses) -
- Diff Commander + Visual Comparer (Corporate license) -
- Diff Commander + Visual Comparer (Enterprise license) -

To the order by phone:
European customers may call +49-221-31088-20.
US and Canadian customers may call +1 (952) 646 5747 or +1 (800) 903 4152.

While ordering by phone the product name and number should be mentioned:

Diff Commander + Visual Comparer (Personal): #300042672
Diff Commander + Visual Comparer (Corporatire): #300042673
Diff Commander + Visual Comparer (Enterprise): #300042674

Note: Online ordering is automated and therefore much faster than ordering by fax or phone because you are not limited by our business hours.

(1)A personal license. The personal user license is granted upon the regular purchase for ONE (1) user. However, Bundle Edition can be installed on several computers, as long as only the licensed user is using it. For instance, on a desktop computer and a laptop. Since personal license is granted only for a person, the registration name in this situation can't be the name of a company or organization. Please, fill in the registration form carefully and correctly.

(2)A per-seat license. A per-seat license is one copy of the application that can be installed and operated on a specified number of computers or "seats". Pricing is based on the number of seats. A per-seat license comes with one serial number and multiple "seats", more than one person can use it at a time. Having just one serial number makes it easier to purchase and keep track of updates and legal requirements.

(3)A corporate license. A company or organization may purchase a corporate license at a discount at a single-copy price. You may not give copies of the registered version (program and registration key) to anyone outside the organization that purchased the license. The company is a single legal entity operating under a single name at a single location, or a single government office at a single location. Multiple branches or subsidiaries normally need separate licenses, unless other terms are negotiated.

(4)An enterprise license. An enterprise license is a license without a corporate license restriction. Companies that have multiple branches or subsidiaries can buy one enterprise license.