We offer you a number of variants to purchase our company's software products. You can purchase a personal copy of one product as well as enterprise editions of both products.

If you want to compare only folders and don't need to compare files, you can purchase only Diff Commander. And vice versa, you can purchase only Visual Comparer for files comparing. If you are interested in both products, we offer you Bundle Edition - you will get Diff Commander and Visual Comparer in one package with a discount.

Diff Commander logo 1. Diff Commander 29$ Buy Now!
Visual Comparer logo 2. Visual Comparer 29$ Buy Now!
Diff Commander logo Visual Comparer logo 3. Bundle Edition (Diff Commander + Visual Comparer) 45$ Buy Now!

Customer service

Payment is assumed through the known on-line secure customer service Share-It.

Via Share-It service payments are accepted in the following currency: US dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Yen, Swiss Francs, Canadian or Australian Dollars. Switch and Solo debit card payments are also accepted for UK orders via Share-It.

Note: When making an order, please have your credit card, postal address and e-mail address ready and be sure to enter your correct personal information, the license type and the quantity.

What is included in the registration?

Note: None of the licenses grants in any way the right to distribute or sell the registered version of Visual Comparer or Diff Commander. You can freely distribute the trial versions only.

The delivery

After your registration information and payment have been received, we send you the registration key and the instruction how use it on your e-mail address. You will receive the registration key within two work-days after your payment is confirmed. If you don't receive your code within 48 hours, please e-mail to support@nikeware.com, most likely there is a mistake in your registration.

Upgrade to Bundle Edition

All the registered users of Visual Comparer (up to 1.40 version inclusively) can upgrade their licenses to Bundle Edition at a discount price. In other words you can get Diff Commander with more than a 50% discount:

15$ - for the owners of a personal license.
45$ - for the owners of a 5-seat license.
60$ - for the owners of a 10-seat license.
80$ - for the owners of a 15-seat license.
100$ - for the owners of a corporate license.

How to receive an upgrade: After Diff Commander is released, we sent messages with the detailed information about how to get an upgrade to Bundle Edition to all the registered users. If you have not received this information for this or that reason, send us the request to support@nikeware.com. Please, specify the registration information of your previous Visual Comparer version.