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Command line parameters

Begin at version 1.20 command line parameters of Visual Comparer has been extended. General format for command line is next:

VisCmp <first_file_name> [file_parameters] <second_file_name> [file_parameters] [common_parameters]

<first_file_name> and <second_file_name>:
When Visual Comparer started from command line it will be compare files immediately only if both files (first and second) has been indicated in command line. If names of files is not indicated, the behaviour of Visual Comparer depends on Don't ask file name at start up parameter in General property page of "Settings" dialogue. If one of the two file names actually is folder then Visual Comparer will be find in this folder the file with name of second file and try to compare it.
File parameters (optional):
/line:#### - go to specified line number in the file;
Common parameters (optional):
/ic - ignore case sensitive for upper and lower characters during comparison of lines;
/is - ignore all space characters at comparison of lines;
/il - ignore leading spaces in lines (active only if "ignore all spaces" parameter is turn off);
/ia - ignore difference in amount of spaces and compare it as one space character (active only if "ignore all spaces" parameter is turn off);


VisCmp g:/projects/myprj/test.txt g:/old_projects/myprj/test.txt
- simply compare two files with default settings;

VisCmp g:/projects/myprj/test.txt /line:56 g:/old_projects/myprj/test.txt /ic /il:false /ia
- compare two files immediately without case sensitive and differences in amount in spaces but with comparison of leading spaces. After comparison caret will be moved to line number 56 in the first file;

VisCmp g:/projects /line:56 g:/old_projects/myprj/test.txt /ic /il:false /ia:true
- equal as previous example but first file name will be resolved to g:/projects/myprj/test.txt file name (result of search in projects folder) and amount in spaces will be ignored if this option turned off in Comparison property page of Visual Comparer.